Something that I’ve been contemplating in the back of my mind for several months or so now has come to the forefront within the last week. As I have sought out pro-recovery Instagram accounts and other online sources, I have noticed that there are a good number of people who are “recovered” and vegan. Since… Continue reading VegetariED

Freshman 15?

It’s been almost a week since I’ve posted a blog. I have been immersed in the craziness that is college freshman orientation. Now as orientation comes to an end and classes start tomorrow, I’m trying to reflect on these past five days, but honestly it’s kind of a blur. I’ve crammed a lot of stuff… Continue reading Freshman 15?

Instagram? More like Thinstagram

Since starting my Instagram account for this blog (@endedblog) I’ve been thinking a lot about the affect social media and media in general have on eating disorders. And it doesn’t really have to be just people with eating disorders, media affects everyone. Anyone who is reading this blog has been raised in a culture plagued… Continue reading Instagram? More like Thinstagram

30 Day Challenge: Fear Food Style

When you google 30 Day Challenge, the top results that come up relate to fitness and health. 30 Day Challenges typically consist of some sort of fitness that a person must do every day for a month. This could be anything from yoga to getting a six pack to working towards a “beach body.” (Side… Continue reading 30 Day Challenge: Fear Food Style

Reflections on Sharing My Story

When I was first diagnosed with anorexia I had no idea what was going on in my life. A huge curve ball was thrown at me. My senior year was supposed to be super fun, full of great memories. I am thankful that I was able to complete my senior year as planned as make… Continue reading Reflections on Sharing My Story

I got 99 problems, but recovery ain’t one…

…well actually it is. Recovery has its ups and downs, it’s not a straight linear progression. Some days I think to myself Hey, I feel pretty normal, but other days ED Head keeps me from living how I want. The only way to reach full recovery is for me to keep fighting, though. My battle… Continue reading I got 99 problems, but recovery ain’t one…

Did the Disney Princesses give me Anorexia?

As easy as it might be to say yes, the answer is no, not exactly. It’s a little more complicated than that. Where do I even begin? Recently I picked up Cinderella Ate My Daughter from my local library and got through it in no time. This compelling read by Peggy Orenstein highlights what it’s… Continue reading Did the Disney Princesses give me Anorexia?

The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done

I’ve done plenty of things most people would label as hard. I’ve taken many AP classes. I’ve spoken in front of hundreds of people. I’ve put my skills out there in auditions. I’ve learned to drive a car. I’ve performed solo. I’ve taken the ACT. I’ve decided to move 14 hours away from my family… Continue reading The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done