Size X

This past weekend I did a huge amount of shopping. I hadn’t been shopping since I started college and wanted to check out the outlets nearby. There are lots of awesome stores and I bought several cute dresses as well as some new workout gear. Monday it started bothering me that I bought a size… Continue reading Size X

Struggles from the Home Front

I’m feeling like a warrior stuck in the trenches: can’t move forward, but won't regress back. Why am I afraid of full recovery? I don’t know. I’m hoping to find out through this blog post. Yesterday I was talking to someone from my dorm on the way back from dinner. She said how I seemed… Continue reading Struggles from the Home Front

Why Having Anorexia Made Me a Diehard Feminist

I am a diehard feminist. Here's why you should be too. The first time I ever really thought about the oppression of women was sophomore year of high school. I was taking AP European history and my teacher did an excellent job of highlighting the oppression of minorities and women throughout history. I had never… Continue reading Why Having Anorexia Made Me a Diehard Feminist

Had/Have: Am I Still Anorexic?

As I have transitioned to being in college, a new place where I need to reestablish my identity, I can’t help but wonder, am I still anorexic? Sort of, kind of, maybe, yes, but also probably no. Does that clear things up? Yeah, not for me either. When people see me today they would not… Continue reading Had/Have: Am I Still Anorexic?

High Thive!

Thighs. Where to even begin. Such a simple body part thrown so out of proportion in importance. Shelley Lask put it better than I ever could: “When our cultural messages are so strong that even people with a list of achievements that would blow your mind feel embarrassed about their thighs, something is very wrong…”… Continue reading High Thive!