Hello, February!

Hello! Long time no write. I have be in the midst of some major life changes, but have yet to divulge into them on this platform. If you follow me on some of my other social media (i.e. Instagram @darceypit and YouTube) you would know that I recently transferred colleges. I was living in a small, antiquated town in Virginia, but have moved to its ultimate juxtaposition, New York City! I am now a student at New York University (NYU) and am excited to be in an engaging and energetic environment. I believe this change has been for the best as my previous environment contributed to my mental health issues in a very negative way. While moving does not reprieve me of the burden my mental health weighs on me, this new environment has been an optimal life decision.

Clearly I am in the midst of some big life changes, but changing schools and cities is not the only thing that I am trying to change. I am constantly a work in progress; continuously redefining who I am and what I want out of life. I am trying to find what makes me happy and creating online content has been an important outlet for me that has brought me joy in moments of despair. I am very happy that I decided to start a YouTube channel a few months back, as I wrote about previously, because I have found both pleasure and purpose through that forum. I also have become incredibly engaged with creating photographic content, which is my favorite mode for creation currently. But this blog was what got me started in media in many ways. Before this blog I had never even considered going into journalism, what I am now studying in school. I have made it a goal of mine to be more consistent in writing on here. I have done some great work in the past and have really strayed away from writing. I want to push myself to grow as a writer and to create content consistently, something that was hard to do when depression was consuming my life. As I have found new goals and pursuits I now feel like I can pursue this platform again.

I am going to make it my mission to post on my blog every day for the month of February, if possible. I mean February is the shortest month right? So why not try now and see how it goes. I think I get so caught up in having to have something incredibly profound to say that I end up saying nothing because I can never live up to that expectation. That is why I am just going to try and write about one thing every day and see where it takes me.

So my one thing today, besides catching you all up on my life, is that I went to hear Brene Brown speak tonight in NYC. I am a big fan of her work, and if you aren’t acquainted with it then you have no excuse to not click the link right here. She is a social worker/professor/researcher/storyteller, but most importantly she works to help people understand how to live meaningful lives. She has done immense work in studying shame and vulnerability, topics I have found incredibly applicable to my life. She actually inspired the title of my blog through her book Daring Greatly (which I modified to have a better alliterative ring with my name). In Brene’s most recent book she tackles the vulnerability it takes to have tough conversations, especially in today’s world. Tonight I saw her speak in dialogue with DeRay McKessen, a Black Lives Matter leader, about having conversations around race and privilege. It was a profoundly meaningful discussion and I am glad I was able to attend. In many ways, these topics push at my existential depression because it frustrates me that in the 21st Century we are still dealing with systemic, institutional, and individualized racism, sexism, homophobia, corruption, violence, and so on, but people like Brene and DeRay remind me that there are good people doing good work for the cause. They are speaking out against oppression of all kinds and that is something I want to be a part of. I want to strive to use what influence I can to support all types of people and create a forum to dive into these issues. I am passionate about fighting oppression of all kinds and I want to use the power of social media and the internet to do those things because those are the tools at my disposal. Having the tough conversations is difficult, but that’s what this blog is all about. I hope my writing can help you dare deeply into complex, potent topics because America and the world need more thought-provoking discourses now more than ever before.


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