Humans of New York Speak on Flag Day

While every American knows to celebrate the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, it is less common to hear of festivities on Flag Day. June 14th is a day devoted to celebrating the flag every year, but many Americans are unaware of this holiday or do little to celebrate. To see what people think about Flag Day one need look no further than New York City’s public parks, reporting in Humans of New York style.

Jeff Larson is a Chelsea resident and writer with strong political feelings that influence his perspective on the American flag.


A Washington D.C. native, Emily Price has an interesting perspective on flags, comparing the big apple to the nation’s capital.


While recruiting for the Marines in Union Square, Jonathan Isaza took a spare moment to share his thoughts on what the flag symbolizes.


While Flag Day has passed this year, the Fourth of July is quickly approaching and there is no better time to reflect on what this country stands for than now.

Photos © Darcey Pittman 2018

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