You could say I penned my first byline at the ripe age of nine when American Girl Magazine chose one of my jokes to include in their print issue. Keep in mind, I am not an objectively funny person. Why they included me, I’ll never know.

My creative career took a turn at age 10 when I fell in love with a masculine figure full of depth and riches. That is to say, my cello. By my senior year of high school, I was highly accomplished on the instrument, yet not sure what to pursue in college. Soon I found my way back to the thrill of bylines, exploring photography and video production along the way.

Now as a master’s student at New York University’s publishing center, I am honing my skills in digital media creation and business. I am particularly passionate about video production and social media content creation. I also hold a BA in journalism & sociology from NYU. When I’m not creating, you can find me exploring unique spots in NYC, playing with my jack russell terrier Riley, or traveling back to my hometown in Chicago.

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