In 2012 a friend showed me a YouTube video of Ingrid Nilsen, a girl talking about makeup and fashion. It was casual and chatty, she spoke to me as if I was her friend. I had always thought YouTube was full of “charlie bit my finger”-type videos until this awakening. I quickly became obsessed with watching YouTube videos from the early lifestyle YouTube influencers (before we called them influencers).

Several years later, I was feeling lost in life and decided to start my own YouTube channel to talk about what it’s like to transfer colleges as an undergrad student. Little did I know how much that would change my life. Something I made struck a cord and thousands of people found my content to better understand the transfer experience. And as I became an NYU student, this propelled my channel even further. I quickly fell in love with all parts of the video production process. I thought it was merely a dream that I could get to do this for a living.

Today, not only does my YouTube channel live on, but I get to make YouTube videos for brands every day. Currently, I am a Video & Social Media Producer at tech company NetApp where I develop and lead the IT NetApp on NetApp video content program. I use the skills I’ve developed from my own work as well as my BA in journalism and MS in publishing from New York University, to focus on creating quality, engaging video and social content every day.

When I’m not creating, you can find me exploring unique spots in NYC, strolling through Central Park, playing with my jack russell terrier Riley, reading books trending on TikTok, or traveling back to my hometown in Chicago.

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